An Amazing Individual

Suangsan is an amazing individual who left her corporate life at the renowned Louis Vuitton to build a farm by hand.
A few weeks ago, she gave us a live-streamed tour of her land in Thailand. Did you manage to catch it?

A fun fact we learned is that her electricity bill is just about SGD 9 a month, thanks to:

- a composting setup that provides hot water
- mud bricks that keep the buildings cool
- and cow dung that is used to create gas for cooking on a stove.

This was just a tiny fraction of what we learned about living on a farm. Be sure to watch the full live session here:

If you would like to learn how to live a sustainable life, get in touch with San, she has a community of volunteers who help out at the farm and learn from one another.

And as usual, for more stories from interesting individuals like San, follow Stories of Asia

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An Amazing Individual