Healthy Living
The Thai Panacea Project
By San

In 2006, when I was 40 years old, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and a year later, with diabetes. I was told, “it’s genetic”, because my mother has diabetes. At the time, I believed in my doctor and took the steroids and other medicines he prescribed. However, I continued to deteriorate, I could barely walk up stairs due to the pain in my hips, and I feared  by age of 50 I would be wheelchair-bound. My diet, which I’d thought was healthy, was actually making me sicker. With no improvements in four years I made the radical decision to stop all medicines and switch to a strict organic plant-based diet.


Along with detoxing, I saw improvements in my health immediately and in three years I completely healed myself. As a result of my experience I have learned so much about health, wellness, the environment and how it is all linked together.  I made a decisive lifestyle change to devote myself to sharing this knowledge with others, that’s how The Thai Panacea project was born.


On a beautiful land in central Thailand, Thai Panacea will be a sanctuary to teach anybody who wants to learn how to live a healthy life in the “real” world. By sharing the many lessons I have learned through my healing journey, I hope that nobody will have to go through the pain I did.